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What About Renting?

Suppose you’re not prepared to make a purchase. Or you’re not in a position to move. Quarry Hill offers a variety of options that may allow you to begin enjoying the benefits of owning one of our maintenance-free homes in a way that’s comfortable for you.

Conventional Renting*

If you’d like to experience the ease of cottage ownership without actually owning, take heart: you may be able to rent one of our beautiful homes. As a renter, you would sign agreements with both Quarry Hill and the cottage owner from whom you’ll  be renting; you’d then occupy the home, for the specified term, as subtenant. Renters enjoy all the rights, privileges and amenities that go with ownership, including repairs and maintenance, snow and trash removal, grounds maintenance, priority access to our full continuum of care and more.

Rent to Own*

Here’s a golden opportunity for those who have a home to sell or whose other assets are not immediately available. Under this arrangement, you enter into a purchase-and-sale agreement for the cottage you’ve chosen**, secured by a deposit. You then move into the home as subtenant, enjoying all the rights and privileges of any Quarry Hill resident. A portion of your monthly rental payments is credited toward your eventual purchase of the home.

Own to Rent

Want to secure a cottage for yourself now, but move in later? With this option, you can purchase the home you love now, then rent it out** until you’re ready to move.

Here’s how it works: You, the purchaser, set the monthly rental fee in agreement with PBH Management, the entity that oversees the cottages. Quarry Hill serves as your rental agent—and we do all the work for you:

  • We find a suitable tenant.
  • We serve as your tenant’s point-of-contact.
  • We collect the monthly rent, see that your monthly fee is paid out of that amount and return any overage to you.

Learn more about cottage living at Quarry Hill and take a look at our current opportunities. When you see something you like (or if you’d like to inquire about other options), call us at 207-301-6116 or send an email.

*Option available only for selected cottages
**For a period of up to two years